Immersive VR as a tool to help individuals with autism deal with change

About the project

Autism is a lifelong developmental disability. It is a spectrum condition also referred to as an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The word ‘spectrum’ is used because while all ASD people share three main areas of difficulty (social communication, social interaction, the flexibility of thought), the condition affects people in very different ways (Bellani et al., 2011). Some are able to live relatively independent lives, while others will require a lifetime of specialist support.

Today, between 1 in 100 individuals are diagnosed with autism, amounting to around 3.3 million people with autism in the EU (Autism-Europe, 2009). Obsessions, repetitive behavior and routines can be a source of enjoyment for people with ASD and a way of coping with everyday life. Therefore, even a slight change in those routines could cause distress or anxiety to the ASD individual.

Intellectual Outputs

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News & Events

1st Project meeting in Copenhagen

On the 24th September, the partnership, of the iDEAL project finally met in Copenhagen, Denmark. Unfortunately, our Serbian partners had to attend the meeting virtually....

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