Desk Research

Intellectual Output 1

Prior to the development of the proposal, all partners will conduct desk research to approach the current situation on the contribution of VR technology in autism education. The desk research will give a broad picture of the importance of VR technology in basic life skills development of individuals with autism and will prepare the grounds for thorough research in the frames of iDEAL project to investigate how it could contribute to skill development to deal with change in their daily routines and, therefore, reduce their anxiety and feeling of distress. The aim of this IO is to summarize and highlight the key conclusions emerging from the tracing analysis carried out by each project partner at national and European levels as a whole, just after the kick-off meeting. The reports from all national and European desk researches will significantly contribute to the development of this first Intellectual Output titled iDEAL Desk Research: Tracing situation on the contribution of VR technology in autism education in Europe.

Tracing Analysis report will be elaborated aiming to:

– Help to better adapt the outputs and products of iDEAL project to the reality and specific needs of the professional profile of adult educator/trainer for individuals with autism.
– Identify patterns and common obstacles, opportunities and needs for iDEAL project at European and national level.
– Provide a clear understanding about the context and situation of VR technology in autism education.
– Include useful recommendations to guide the methodological implementation of the project product.
Aim of the tracing analysis that will be the basic stage of this IO:
– to create a clear image of the status quo of VR technology in autism education in the partner countries
– to be aware of its positive and negative impacts, if any
– to define what VR instruments (i.e. games) can be identified best practices and how can these instruments be introduced in autism education
– to prepare and create content for the Trainer’s Guide IO2
– to learn the situation locally at partner’s country expectations /needs.

P4 will lead the IO1 in close collaboration with P1 and cooperation with the rest of the partners.
The IO1 will be delivered as a reader-friendly online Text file for adult educators and individuals with autism, easily available through the digital channel of the project (website) spreading information among all associated partners, SEN organisations, educational institutions, partners’ associations and foundations, decision-makers. IO1 will be delivered in the English language for use in the contexts of all European countries and internationally and into the national language of each project country, for dissemination purposes. Besides, all the project partners will participate in the production and subsequent dissemination of this product, contributing to maximise the knowledge and use of this product among its potential target users.